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April 28, 2014 News

Changes in Crosskey’s Management team

The following changes have been made in Crosskey’s Management team:

Heidi Wik has been appointed Business Area Manager, Banking and member of the Management team as of February 2014. Heidi has been employed by Crosskey since 2007 and comes from a position as Sales Manager, Sweden. Barbro M. Andersson, who used to head the Banking division, will pursue her career with other duties within Crosskey.

Niclas Södergård has been appointed Department Manager, Operations Management and member of the Management team as of March 2014. Niclas has been employed by Crosskey since 2011 and comes from a position as Process & Quality Manager. Niclas Jansson, who used to head the Operations Management department, has left Crosskey to pursue his career outside the company.





After the change, Crosskey’s Management Team consists of the following persons:

  • Thomas Lundberg, Managing Director
  • Tommy Grönlund, Deputy Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer
  • Heidi Wik, Business Area Manager, Banking
  • Joakim Isaksson, Business Area Manager, eBanking
  • Monika Liikamaa, Director, Card & Mobile Payments
  • Pekka Virtanen, Director, Capital Markets
  • Stefan Eriksson, Department Manager, Sales & Key Account Management
  • Niclas Södergård, Department Manager, Operations Management


For further information, please contact:

Charlotta Wretdal
Communications & Marketing Manager
Tel +358 405 349 156

Heidi Wik
Business Area Manager, Banking
Tel +467 054 649 61

Niclas Södergård
Department Manager, Operations Management
Tel +358 457 575 9212


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