Eva Wiklund

Product Specialist

Eva Wiklund, 48 years old, Product Specialist

“One of the best things about Crosskey is that the management’s very open-minded and transparent. All employees are kept up to date with daily goings-on and it’s important that everyone feels involved. The management gathers feedback in a structured way and are always open to suggestions. There’s a very strong mindset of putting the team’s and your personal wellbeing first.”

Eva Wiklund started working as a Product Specialist at Crosskey almost seven months ago. She holds the position of ‘Scrum Master’ in one specific project.

How long have you worked at Crosskey and what do you work with?

I started working as a product specialist in global payments at Crosskey almost seven months ago. It is a varied role where it is important to communicate with customers to identify their needs and then discuss solutions with the developers in the team. In global payments, we work with various solutions for international payments. Right now we’re working with a solution that will facilitate and transform the way foreign payments are sent today. I am also a ‘Scrum Master’ in a large agile project where I am involved in planning and coordinating the daily work.

How are you doing?

I’m still very new to Crosskey but I feel good. I have been very warmly welcomed and already feel that I have been able to contribute in my field. In the little time I have been here, I have already experienced that my ideas are taken seriously and that there is a genuine interest in what I have to come up with.

It feels like there is every opportunity to develop.

What did you do before you started at Crosskey?

Basically, I have a degree in Economics, but I have worked in the IT industry for almost my entire career. Before joining Crosskey, I worked for many years at PAF with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) including marketing, organization, and leadership.

I see many advantages in having previously been on the opposite side, i.e. as a buyer / customer. Above all, my previous experience of ordering IT solutions has made it easier for me to understand what the customer is asking for when they turn to us at Crosskey.

Crosskey has just over 300 employees, which may sound big to some while small to others. How do you feel about working in an ‘Åland-sized’ company?

I started on Crosskey during the corona pandemic and have only really spent a month in the office. After the first month, I’ve been working remotely, so right now it is a bit difficult to gauge Crosskey’s size. I come from a company of the same size and have always enjoyed having many colleagues.

What has it been like to start working remotely?

It has worked very well; I already had a digital habit and everyone is very accommodating. Even though we have communicated almost entirely digitally, it feels like there is a good team spirit at Crosskey.

What does your team look like and how do you create a team spirit at work?

My team consists of a mix of product specialists, product owners, architects, project managers and developers. Sometimes we also borrow staff from other teams, but on an everyday basis I would say that we are about 5-10 people working together towards a common goal. Because we often work with projects that run for a long time, you quickly get to know your colleagues and customers.

How do you feel Crosskey cares about its employees?

The management is very open and regularly informs the employees about what’s going on, which creates a feeling of being involved. They use structured methods to ask for employees’ opinions and are sensitive to suggestions.

There is a feeling that the workforce is the most important thing and you are encouraged to take care of yourself.

What is the best thing about working at Crosskey?

The best thing about working at Crosskey is that there is such a high level of knowledge and a strong will to improve within the company. As a newcomer, this means that I still have a lot to learn, which feels fun and exciting. In addition, I like that there are elements of international contacts.

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