Jenny Hjulfors

Application Manager

Jenny Hjulfors, 39 years old, Application Manager

“The collaborative culture at Crosskey always makes me feel appreciated and supported at work. There is a genuine team spirit where all employees both tackle responsibilities together and have fun as a group. At the office, we have an open and friendly communication style and love to joke around a lot.”

Jenny has been part of the Crosskey family since 2008. As Application Manager at our Mariehamn office, she is responsible for overseeing the Swedish payment market.

How long have you been working at Crosskey?

My partner and I moved from Vasa to Åland and I started at Crosskey in the autumn of 2008, after finishing my studies as an IT engineer at the Swedish Polytechnic. The idea was to live and work here for three years and then move back to mainland Finland, but we enjoyed it so much that we stayed.

In what way has your role evolved since you started? What are you working on today?

I started as a developer and over my 13 years have gradually taken more responsibility, changed roles and systems. Today I work as an Application Manager and bear the main responsibility for Swedish payments, while also acting as a backup person for e-invoice and businessline.

The biggest difference between my job today and my job when I started is that I have more responsibility and a greater opportunity to influence which solutions we implement.

How did your career progress and how do you thrive in your current role as Application Manager?

After some time in the same system (Finnish e-invoices) I became more experienced and was given the opportunity to take greater responsibility. Before I was given the main responsibility for the e-invoice system, I also worked for a time as another responsible / backup person for the same system, so you can say that I gradually grew into the role.

I thrive very well in the role of Application Manager. It is a versatile job and above all you’re never perfect; there are always challenges, which is an important part of maintaining interest in your job.

What does your team look like and how do you work together?

I’m part of team CST. In my team we have six Application Managers / developers, of which four are RPG developers, three are product specialists, with one product owner. Our team works with several different products and you do not therefore always work with everyone in the team. However, we sit together and every day we have a short morning meeting where we go through what everyone is working on right now and help to solve any problems when needed.

In what way do you experience team spirit at work?

There is a nice togetherness on Crosskey that ensures I never feel alone at work. I feel that there is a strong community where everyone takes responsibility and has fun together.

We have a great dialogue and joke a lot with each other.

How do you feel Crosskey takes care of its employees?

The managers are responsive and the workforce’s opinions are important. The statement “A great place to work” is regularly evaluated and suggestions collected for improvement from everyone. At the same time, Crosskey shows that life outside of the job itself is important, by offering flex time, training hours, and arranging small events where the staff can socialize. As a mother, flex time and training hours have made my everyday life so much easier.

What is the best thing about working at Crosskey?

The best thing about working at Crosskey, in my opinion, is the mentality that everything can be solved. It’s forgiving and you’ll never be the culprit if something goes wrong. We develop and learn together.

I feel great at Crosskey. It feels like it’s a development company through and through.

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