Vilhelm Östberg

System Architect

Vilhelm Östberg, 33 years old, System Architect

“I love working at Crosskey! As a System Architect I’m not only able to use and improve my problem-solving skills, but I also get to interact with great people every day.”

Vilhelm Östberg has been working at Crosskey for more than four years. In his current role as a System Architect he’s focused on creating the best possible customer experience.

What did you do before starting with Crosskey?

I started studying to be a Sea Captain at the University of Åland but quickly realized that I did not want to work at sea and switched to IT engineering. After graduation, I read a Master’s in “Human-computer interaction” at Uppsala University, traveled to Australia and then applied for a job as an Interaction Designer / App Developer at Crosskey.

We did the job interview over the phone while I was still in Australia and I was a little worried that the connection would not be good enough. Luckily it was and I got the job.

How long have you worked at Crosskey and how has your role developed since you started? What are you working on today?

It’s been about 4 years since I started at Crosskey as an Interaction Designer / App Developer. At that time I worked with design and development in a team that focused on the user experience in our mobile application. Today I work as a System Architect, still focusing on the user experience but in another team where we work with interfaces and integration with our card system. My main task today is to relieve the developers in my team so that they can concentrate on what they do best. I plan, structure and am often the link between developer, customer, and business.

I usually describe it as ‘wearing the developer pants, customer glasses, and business shirt’. It’s important to find the balance so that everyone is equally satisfied.

How did you career progress and how do you feel about your current role as System Architect?

I am (and always have been) a talkative type who likes challenges and finding solutions to problems. Even as an Interaction Designer / App Developer I took a lot of responsibility and when a System Architect was later needed, I was asked.

How do I feel about my current role?

I feel great! As a System Architect, I get both to talk and figure out solutions to technically difficult problems.

Crosskey has just over 300 employees, which may sound big to some and small to others. Do you know everyone at Crosskey?

Crosskey itself is divided into several smaller teams where you work more closely and regularly together, while the teams themselves often collaborate with each other. In my role as System Architect, I have often been in contact with other teams. Here at the Åland office, I would say that I know or recognize most people.

What does your team look like?

BIPS Channels, as my team is called today, consists of just over 20 people of different ages with varying work experience and areas of responsibility. The team includes developers, consultants and trainees. It’s a nice mix.

In what way do you experience team spirit at work?

We have great trust in each other – you trust those you work with. Everyone feels responsible and we work together to develop and strengthen the knowledge within the team.

What is the best thing about working at Crosskey?

We have a strong family feeling within Crosskey, where you can talk to everyone regardless of title or work experience; it’s based on everyone wanting to develop and improve.

Not only is it okay to come up with new ideas and question old patterns, it’s appreciated!

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