Together we create business

Cutting costs is a common focus for IT. However, we firmly believe that lasting success also demands the ability to create new revenue. That’s one of Crosskey’s major strengths. We understand business and we make it happen. We’ve shaped our offering and way of working with a clear purpose: enable you to open up new revenue streams and build on your successes. Whatever your ambitions, we will ensure they become profitable business.

Services for success

Crosskey is a partner that can add value to your business on a continuous basis. We’re not just about technology – we’re about what it makes possible. We offer most of our software as a service, so you can always depend on smooth-running operations and optimal results. In addition we offer a range of modular managed services, securing optimal performance in key areas of your financial services business. We lighten the load and increase certainty.

Modular systems for ultimate freedom

Forget monolithic systems that lock you in and limit your possibilities. Our modular approach is designed to support your business needs and give you the edge. You get the best of both worlds – a first-class technical solution combined with the freedom to select precisely the functionality you need, when you need it. Want to integrate our modules with systems from other providers? You’re free to! Our transparency, well-defined interfaces and extensive documentation make integration easy.

Business won’t wait:
get to market faster

Impatient to start doing business? You should be! In fast-moving markets, the reality is that if you’re not out first, you might be too late. We’ve designed our whole process to get you to market faster – much faster. And we work closely with you to make it happen. Our logic includes extending the detailed specification work into the development phase. That way we can get going faster while improving efficiency and accuracy. We also give you frequent releases at regular intervals, so you always know when new features will be live.


”Crosskey’s solutions are a foundation for our business”

Iikka Kuosa, SVP, Business Development and IT, S-Pankki

2015 IT-project of the Year
99.9 % System availability
3M + End-customers
PCI DSS Certified
ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

Developing together

IT systems and services are about people and business. Every detail of your system and our services needs to support your business goals and operations. That’s why we prioritise working in close partnership with you. Communication is key – you will be in the loop throughout the process, which speeds up delivery and ensures a great result.

Prepared for the future? We are.

Open for business

With Crosskey you are never locked in. We make it easy to integrate our software and services with other systems, even if they are created by other suppliers. Whatever you need your system to do in the future, it will be ready to adapt.

Modern platform

We employ the latest technology to give you the edge and ensure your business is prepared to capture new opportunities. Our technology is proven in practice and will support your business into the future.

Ready to grow

Build. Grow. Adapt. Extend. Our flexible modular systems and services are designed for the way business works in reality. There are many different starting points, and needs can change quickly. With our systems and services you’ll always be one step ahead.

Trust is everything

In an industry built on trust and reputation, it’s essential to have a partner who takes customer requirements seriously – and deliver them without fail. Our banking heritage gives us an expert understanding of security issues. When it comes to anticipating and preparing for threats and vulnerabilities, no supplier is more proactive, or better prepared, than Crosskey.

PCI DSS certified 96-year banking heritage Regular Security & Risk Assessments Continuous Security Monitoring and Threat intelligence
Alexander Aminoff

Alexander Aminoff

Sales & Marketing Director

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