Building business together

We are convinced that competence sharing and an open dialogue are the keys to success. Our collaborative approach leads to profitable business and competitive edge.

At Crosskey we are known for being straightforward and easy to work with. Customers also appreciate our ability to make quick decisions and the fact that we always deliver.

Your new financial business starts here.

Our process has four main phases:



We begin with an in-depth look at your business and markets. We evaluate your current requirements, as well as forecasting needs that might not be on your radar yet.

Prior to a full-scale development project we carry out a feasibility study, taking into account business requirements, business processes, architecture and migration needs. Based on this, we draw up a letter of intent and take the next steps together with you.



We discuss the optimal system solution and the products we think should be a part of the project. We then work out a project plan covering everything required to reach a solution within the required timescale and budget. When the plan has been finalized and approved by you and us, it becomes the basis for a project contract.

To ensure a smooth completion, we jointly appoint two project organizations. One from Crosskey, including a project committee, project manager, project group and specialists. And one from your company, including a contact person and experts. The exact composition of the team depends on your requirements and the nature of the project.



A system must of course be properly monitored and maintained. When the system is installed and ready to go, we set up a support function. In the analysis, we jointly agree on what the support function will contain, how quickly we should respond to requests and requirements, and also the level of accessibility for the different support services. This is a fully fledged support system for follow-up and reporting based upon the different sections in the agreement.

Support also includes regular meetings at all levels in the organization – from managers to experts. The purpose is to discuss, evaluate and make decisions on everything relating to operations and maintenance. These discussions prevent many issues and ensure that expectations are aligned.

We act as a partner in all daily activities and share responsibility for ensuring that everything functions as it should.


Business Development

We work continuously with you to find new ideas and opportunities for advancing your business. Crosskey is a partner that can help you establish your business and build long-term success. We are proactive in identifying your support needs during development, which we then add to your current system. New functionality leads to new projects with their own support systems.

Through deep business know-how, security focus and extensive experience, we help you gain the edge over the competition by getting closer to your customers and meeting their needs with the right services at the right time.

We prioritize building a strong relationship with you, and we go the extra mile to ensure you succeed and create new revenue – whatever the future holds.

Alexander Aminoff

Alexander Aminoff

Sales & Marketing Director

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