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22 marraskuun, 2012 Uutiset

The bank customers of the future are super heroes

Today, over 40% of all two-year olds use the Internet. The world is changing at a dizzying rate. What is true today is not true tomorrow – and our patience is becoming increasingly shorter.

These are some of the conclusions that were presented by Micael Dahlén, author and professor in marketing at the Handelshögskolan (Stockholm School of Economics) when he represented Crosskey at the Bank 2.012 conference in Stockholm.

Over the course of a day, personnel from the banking and finance sector gathered to discuss how the needs and demands of current and future bank customers can be matched. Visitors had the opportunity to listen to presentations about mobile banking, the bank branches of the future and innovative developments in service as well as other topics.

Crosskey was behind one of the best attended seminars. The Spegelsalen at the Grand Hotel was filled to capacity when Micael Dahlén presented his fast-paced view of future bank customers. He compared them to super heroes – people who are well-read, capable and know exactly what they want.

For them, everything has to happen quickly and smoothly. He referred for example, to a survey that revealed that 60% of people would rather clean their neighbour’s toilet than change their password! The world of banking must also deal with developments in which friends and family influence the choice of brand and supplier.

Crosskey strives to always be a step ahead and for this reason it was especially pleasurable to be able to offer visitors a true view of the future. Those of you who missed the presentation at Bank 2.012 can watch it here at our homepage or at: https://vimeo.com/54014728 (Please note that the presentation is held in Swedish).

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