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20 lokakuun, 2011 Mediassa

Crosskey gains ground in a changing bank market

The Swedish bank market has undergone great changes over the last years. Not just in regard to regulations, but also in terms of new providers and services. In March 2010, the Åland based company Crosskey Banking Solutions launched a new banking system and Internet bank for the Ålandsbanken Sweden.

Almost nine out of ten Swedes prefer to carry out their banking errands using their Internet bank. This was shown in a survey on banking habits that Crosskey carried-out among Swedes in 2010. When Swedes choose a bank, the user-friendliness of the Internet bank is the number-one deciding factor. Special offers and confidence in the bank follow in the ranking.

– “That the user-friendliness of the Internet bank is what carries the most weight, and is more important than low interest rates and confidence when choosing a bank is a clear change in trend”, says Carita Weiss, Managing Director for Crosskey Banking Solutions.

User governed development
– “Our new Internet bank is even easier to use and makes a more personal dialogue possible between the Bank of Åland and its customers. Crosskey has helped us to meet the needs of the future today, and we will continue to develop the Internet bank together with them”, says Tom Westerén, Communications and Marketing Director for the Bank of Åland.

The new banking system is in modular form – something that makes it flexible and facilitates its development and expansion in line with changing demands. This stimulates the user governed development of banking services.

– “In our survey, just over a third of respondents stated that in the future they would like to carry out their banking errands via their mobile telephones. And since the use of smart phones is expanding and a functioning mobile infra-structure exists, we are now developing a new concept for mobile banking services”, Ms Weiss tells us.

Complete banking solution
Crosskey is investing heavily in the Scandinavian market. Aside from the new banking system, the company has also launched a new card system in Sweden (2011) with several areas of application.

– “With the launching of the banking system, we now also have a platform for the Swedish market. In doing this, we establish ourselves as possibly the only provider in Scandinavia with a complete solution for companies that operate banks”, says Björn Tennström, Head of Sales for Crosskey.

About Crosskey Banking Solutions
Crosskey Banking Solutions develops, delivers and manages financial banking solutions. Crosskey’s mission is to make it easier for banks to be profitable using IT solutions that comprise all components in a banking system regardless of distribution channel. Crosskey is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Bank of Åland Abp and currently employs just over 200 personnel. The head office is in Mariehamn with local offices in Stockholm, Helsinki and Åbo. Crosskey focuses primarily on serving the Scandinavian market. Among its customers are the Bank of Åland, Tapiola Bank, S-Bank and DnB Nor (DNB from 11 Nov. 2011).

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