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20 lokakuun, 2011 Uutiset

Crosskey gets a new identity

This year, Crosskey initiated a comprehensive change process that has cut through the entire organisation. This has resulted in two new products; a credit and payment solution, along with a solution for individual retirement savings. Crosskey is now going to take further steps and introduce a new graphic identity and website.

“There is a lot going on at Crosskey right now and the new graphic profile shall reflect these changes”, says Sari Venho, Marketing Co-ordinator for Crosskey.

Crosskey’s development and change has up to this point led to new banking solutions and processes. It has also involved taking the first important steps in becoming established in the Swedish market and the Scandinavian market in general.

“Though we are renewing our graphic profile, we also want to retain our heritage while moving into the future. The crossed keys from our old logo remain, as does the yellow colour, which is a clear, distinguishing feature of our brand.

Tell us what you think about our new identity and website – send an email to sari.venho@crosskey.fi

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