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27 kesäkuun, 2013 Uutiset

Crosskey has got a great travel companion

What do you get if you cross Finland’s largest mobile operator Elisa with Crosskey, an expert in cards and account solutions? The answer is the mobile payment solution of the future, Elisa Lompakko. The common journey has been very successful and since the spring, consumers can leave their plastic credit and debit cards at home and instead pay with their mobile phones. 

It was because of their experience and the ability to address a complex challenge that led Elisa to choose Crosskey as their partner.

–       We hired Crosskey because they had the expertise required for the project. Crosskey has extensive experience working with both cards and account solutions. This combines well with our knowledge in the area of telecommunications, explains Ulla Parkkali, who works as a Business Manager and is responsible for Elisa Lompakko.

Their shared journey started in September 2012. Crosskey is responsible for developing the infrastructure and the system platform that enables the connection between the payment terminal, the credit card issuer and the banking system, while Elisa knows the mobile technology inside and out. The new mobile payment service, which is one of the first of its kind, was launched last spring.

–       The process ran smoothly from start to finish. It really helps to be working with a supplier who is taking an active role in problem-solving. This has been an important part of the engine that has driven the work forward, says Ulla Parkkali.

In order to facilitate the process as well as possible, they have both utilised an agile working method that includes regular meetings of the project teams and on-going evaluation of the project’s components. The process has always been flexible and has streamlined the work, and not least inspired everyone to think in new ways.

–       We have continually adapted to changing circumstances. In this way, we have become extremely versatile and we avoided taking unnecessary detours. This suits our organization and our way of working like a hand in a glove, says Ulla Parkkali.

The collaboration between Elisa and Crosskey will last for many years. Together they will continue to develop new features for the mobile wallet and the journey will thus strive to reach new goals.

Ulla Parkkali
Business Manager, Elisa Rahoitus

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