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5 heinäkuun, 2013 Mediassa, Uutiset

Crosskey purchases rights to a PFM system

The internet bank that can analyse your finances

Crosskey has purchased the non-exclusive rights to develop and commercialize a system developed by Balancion, a Finnish company that is the market leader in PFM solutions (Personal Finance Management).

–       The future of online banking is all about offering a broader range of services. Crosskey is an expert in the area of banking and cards, and now their customers are being provided with an even more user-friendly and competitive internet bank, says Jussi Muurikainen, CEO at Balancion.

Graphs and illustrations provide a comprehensive picture of customers’ personal finances through the internet bank. Everything can be categorized, budgeted and analyzed, such as how much money has been spent on entertainment during a given month.

The users also receive tips on savings and they can establish financial targets and monitor how well they are doing.

–       In the past, it was enough to be able to pay bills and transfer money via online banking. Today, consumers demand more information and the opportunity to manage their personal finances. With our new solution, they can see where the money goes and how to spend it more wisely. It´s like having an own accountant and adviser directly in your internet bank, says Joakim Isaksson, Head of eBanking at Crosskey.

The acquisition of the rights is part of Crosskey’s strategic investment in the area of eBanking, i.e. products within internet and mobile banking.

–       We have a clear strategy with the aim to consistently modularize our offering by developing independent and robust products that can be sold separately. This product strengthens our eBanking offering, which is already market-leading. The acquisition of the rights to the PFM solution from Balancion is fully in line with this strategy, and with this initiative we will continue to be at the cutting edge when it comes to products and services in the ebanking area, adds Thomas Lundberg, CEO of Crosskey.


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