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8 kesäkuun, 2012 Uutiset

Crosskey – a secure choice

The Finnish newspaper Iltalehti has conducted a study of Internet based banks’ data security using the American data security company, Qualys Inc’s testing tool, SSL Labs. Crosskey’s customers Ålandsbanken, S-Bank and Tapiola Bank top the list and received 88 of a possible 100 points – a result that compared very favourably with the competitors.

‟The test shows that Crosskey’s efforts regarding security provide results. We are happy that our customers have received such high points in the test. It is a clear sign that we, as system suppliers, have done our job,” says Kim Halavakoski, Chief Security Officer for Crosskey.

Crosskey is a leading company within the development of security solutions for Internet banks. To minimize security risks, customers’ services and systems are monitored continuously. Vulnerability is scrutinized, after which measures are taken in line with thorough processes and carefully worded agreements.

‟Crosskey takes security issues very seriously. Our customers can always feel secure and trust in the fact that they have chosen a supplier that really does prioritize security.”

Developing and improving services is a continuous process.

‟We are happy that our customers received such high points in the test but not satisfied. Shortly, we are going to implement upgrades and configure our systems for an even higher security level for our customers’ Internet banks. Our ambition is of course that our customers receive 100 of a possible 100 points in the future.”



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