Multi-bank aggregation - check.
PSD2 compliance – check.
Attractive pricing – check.

Banks, fintechs, established and soon-to-be financial service providers. Slip into something comfortably compliant, stop grappling with PSD2 and stake your claim in the interconnected future of finance, today.

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Crosskey’s C°OPEN is a cloud-based open service platform for banks,
financial institutions and fintech companies.

The platform is a flexible outsourcing solution for banks and financial institutions that are required to provide secured access to payment accounts for third party actors according to the PSD2 requirements.

Banks integrate with the C°OPEN cloud service to allow third parties to access customers’ bank accounts via the C°OPEN API, fulfilling the EBA’s Regulatory Technical Standard (RTS) requirements of a Dedicated Interface.

Complete cloud based solution for:

PSD2 compliance

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Multi-bank aggregation

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Open Banking

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Our Open Banking offer in brief

It is a cloud-based open service platform for banks, financial institutions, fintech companies that wish to undertake a role as AISP, PISP, CISP.

An outsourced plug-and-play solution for banks required to make data accessible in compliance with PSD2.

An Open Banking API market linking banks and third parties with data, channels, functionality and opportunities..

Makes Open Banking simple, streamlines integrations, reduces complexity and lowers costs for all parties.

Enables the creation of new financial experiences, products and services beyond regulatory requirements.

Compartmentalised and zone-based security architecture with advanced role management.

Platform engineered in adherence with open standards (Open Banking UK and ISO200222) and best practice.

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Alexander Aminoff

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