Solutions for Open Banking

C°OPEN for Open Banking - Go beyond PSD2

Working as an Open Banking market place, where banks as well as third party actors can both offer their services to others and utilize others’ services, the C°OPEN platform can streamline your Open Banking strategy.

Open Banking APIs published and consumed through C°OPEN can take advantage of the platforms´s advanced features, including secured communications and threat mitigation, mutual authentication of parties, customer
consent and strong customer authentication.

While the C°OPEN Developer Portal serves as the store-front through which parties can subscribe to others APIs, C°OPEN API management is a self-service interface allowing Crosskey´s customers to themselves publish their own APIs towards either the public or specified partners only. Crosskey can also take care of managing your Open Banking APIs for you as a fully managed service.

Through C°OPEN Monetization you can offer commercialised Open Banking APIs taking advantage of new business models by
charging API users based on actual API usage.

The C°OPEN API Analytics feature allows you to establish metrics and gain business insights based on the usage of your APIs.


  • Streamline your Open Banking strategy
  • Sell your own API based services to others through C°OPEN marketplace
  • Co-operate with partners & utilize others services for faster time-to-market when rolling out new products
  • Manage your Open Banking APIs yourself, or let Crosskey manage them for you
  • Your Open Banking APIs can take advantage of the advanced security features in C°OPEN
  • API Monetization – enables new business models by charging based on API usage
  • API Analytics – establish metrics and gain business insights based on API usage

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