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30 heinäkuun, 2012 Uutiset

PCI consultancy services to be provided by Verizon

Crosskey has selected Verizon to help ensure that Crosskey fulfills the requirements necessary to become PCI certified. PCI is today’s common standard for card protection against Internet fraud.

“We know that this process is going to involve great costs and also involve changes, but for us it is a mark of quality. We want our customers to know that we are PCI certified,” says Monika Liikamaa, Director for Card Solutions at Crosskey.

Cooperation got underway in April 2012. Verizon is going to help Crosskey with the extensive and complexprocess of achieving PCI certification. Crosskey’s CSO, Kim Halavakoski, in collaboration with Verizon, is going to draw up the plans, measures and strategies that are needed to reach the goal of certification.

“Of course it feels good to know that it is Verizon who is going to help us. They are recognized experts on PCI,” Ms Liikamaa tells us.

“Verizon’s expert knowledge and experience in PCI are very valuable in the ongoing work in helping us to focus and prioritize the work that needs to be done in the areas needed,” says Mr Halavakoski.

“Verizon is happy to help strengthen the overall information security of Crosskeys’ business by achieving and maintaining compliance with PCI DSS. Demonstrating compliance and maintaining alignment with PCI requirements can serve you well, but the increasing complexities of todays networked infrastructure can make this challenging. And you’d probably prefer to focus on core business goals, rather than compliance activities. That’s where we can help,” says Jyri Ryhänen, Senior Security Consultant, PCI Qualified Security Assessor from Verizon.

Benefits of PCI

 You can also read an interview with Monika Liikamaa, about the benefits of PCI, in the previous issue of Key Notes.

 Facts PCI DSS

At the end of the 90s when consumers began making purchases with cards on the Internet, the card companies saw an increased risk of fraud, stolen card numbers and hacking attempts. As a result, PCI DSS, which stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, was rolled out in 2003. PCI DSS is a security standard developed by Visa and MasterCard and a number of other card companies. The Standard is managed by the PCI Security Standards Council and it is today a compulsory set of requirements for all organizations that handle cardholder information or receive payments using payment cards. All types of cards (payment, credit, credit and debit) are included.


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