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28 marraskuun, 2011 Uutiset

Reflections from Bank 2.0

”Go mobile or go out of business” – cliché or truth?

Banks in the Nordic countries have long been pioneers in the IT sector. They started their journey in the 50s and 60s when they began to build their own computer systems – those thought today to be archaic.

In the 90s, banks began to build their Internet banks and “offices” and continued development with a number of additional services and offers. The majority of bank customers were satisfied to be able to pay their monthly bills, check their balances and possibly invest in shares and funds using an everyday PC. The banks were also satisfied – at first. They noticed almost immediately that their branches were visited less frequently, since everyday bank customers no longer needed to visit a bank branch very often.

Now, a number of years later, social media has also appeared, and it will change the banking customers’ mobile behaviour even further.

Banks are no longer the actors that influence bank customers’ needs or behaviour and they now have to instead adapt to both Facebook and “apps” – but in a safe manner.

The face of payments is changing and ”Generation Y” is used to managing their banking activities on-the-go using smart-phones such as Iphone and Android based phones.

Banks now need to develop their offers based upon customers’ new mobile-behaviour.

This and much more was discussed at Bank 2.0 in Stockholm on 16 November. Aside from Crosskey, there were also a large number of companies there to discuss challenges, present new solutions, check out the latest trends and of course to meet other actors in the sector.

During the trade-fair Björn Tennström, Head of Sales at Crosskey spoke about new types of bank cards, user behaviour and innovation. His presentation was based upon a market survey that Crosskey carried-out on card use in the Swedish and Finnish markets. More information about the survey will soon be published on our website, so don’t forget to visit us at www.crosskey.fi


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