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October 10, 2019 News

Komplett Bank is ready for PSD2 – solution provided by Crosskey

The EU directive PSD2 is changing the future financial market. To be prepared for the new requirements, Komplett Bank engaged the now 15 years old Crosskey to come up with a solution.


14th of September marks a new phase at the financial market. From that day, PSD2 compliance is required by EU and banks must provide secured access to payment accounts for third party actors. Komplett Bank turned to Crosskey to meet the new requirements and the starting point was a demonstration of a new AWS cloud-based platform.
– The request was a PSD2 compliance solution that could be integrated into their underlying systems. Our new platform was a perfect match and we are pleased to welcome Komplett Bank as a new customer, says Fraenk Andersson, Business Development Manager, Crosskey.


The platform from Crosskey will now be used by the bank in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. It also offers the possibility for Komplett Bank to develop and offer other services, collect data or initiate payments in other banks.
– Crosskey has excellent knowledge of PSD2 and Open Banking standards, and we are confident in our choice of supplier. The solutions will make it possible for us to integrate our own services by API and we wish to use Crosskey to develop our services at the top of the platform, says Kristian Tovsen, Komplett Bank.

About Crosskey

Crosskey delivers modular banking, card and capital markets services and systems. There are more than 250 employees who take care of satisfied customers such as Ålandsbanken, Marginalen Bank and S-Banken in Stockholm, Mariehamn, Turku and Helsinki. Crosskey strives for sustainable solutions that have a positive impact on the environment.


About Komplett Bank
Komplett Bank is a Norwegian bank that offers unsecured financing to qualifying private individuals, subject to a credit assessment. The bank was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Lysaker, Norway.


Fraenk Andersson

Business Development Manager,, +358 204 291325



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