Open Banking

– PSD2 as a service

Services that are open but secure, advanced but easy to use

Crosskey’s PSD2 service is part of our overall Open Banking strategy and the service significantly simplifies the process of PSD2 compliance. It offers banks a convenient alternative to major integration projects.Offered cloud service has no upfront fee nor implementation fee.

Security and simplicity are the primary consideration

The security architecture in the Crosskey’s Open Banking platform is divided into zones, where every relationship between the three parties (bank, bank customer and third party actor) is unique.

At the same time, we have worked hard to create a service that is just as easy to use as we say it is. Nobody wants to tie up their precious resources in a cumbersome integration project.

Crosskey as a collaborative partner

As a Nordic provider of banking systems, we are experts in security and ease of use, while we have also repeatedly complied with even the toughest of timetables.

Our customers include several Nordic banks and we also cooperate with fintech companies. Our strong customer relations ensure the high quality of all future developments.

We have an end customer base of over three million bank customers. We offer them the option to grant their consent to the sharing of personal financial information.


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About Crosskey’s PSD2 as a service offer

  • It is a cloud-based open service platform for banks, financial institutions, fintech companies that wish to undertake a role as AISP, PISP, CISP.
  • It is a flexible outsourcing solution for banks that are required to provide the market with data according to the PSD2 requirements.
  • It works as a market place for different stakeholders, both banks and third party actors.
  • It lowers costs and reduces complexity for all parties involved.
  • The security architecture is divided into zones with advanced role management.
  • The platform is based on open standards (Open Banking UK and ISO20022) and on best practice.
  • Facilitates use of additional services that enable data presentation beyond the PSD2 requirements, which offers active business development.