Annual Report 2014

Marginalen Bank launched their new Internet Bank
A great example of how Crosskey’s stand-alone solution (in this case the eBanking platform) is integrated with the customer’s existing systems. Read more about the cooperation and delivered solution here and here.

S-Pankki and Crosskey extended the cooperation and signed a new cooperation agreement valid until the end of 2020
Crosskey’s long-term customer S-Pankki chose to extend and expand the cooperation to now also include Crosskey’s card solution. Crosskey has supported S-Pankki’s journey in becoming one of Finland’s biggest banks ever since the start of their banking operations in 2005. S-Pankki is one of Finland’s major banks with over 2.7 million customers and is also one of the largest card issuer in Finland. Read more here.

Ålandsbanken chose Crosskey’s new Capital Market solution ”Capital Markets from the tap” for its future back-office platform
Ålandsbanken’s choice demonstrates the strength of Crosskey’s one platform solution to provide maximum support for customer service. The new Capital Markets system is a total solution that integrates several existing systems into one platform and is built upon the combination of Model IT’s OneFactor technology and Crosskey’s own system for trading, Ming. Read more about the solution here and the cooperation here.

Crosskey passed its first re-certification of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) with flying colors
Maintaining this level of PCI Compliance means that Crosskey’s customers also in the future can be confident that Crosskey adheres to strict security standards, which include maintaining the proper security policies, procedures and regulations to reduce the risk of payment card theft and fraud. Crosskey is one of a few Nordic service providers that comply with the PCI-DSS certification.

Crosskey continued to modularize its offering and now also offers Managed Services
During 2014 Crosskey introduced its new non-it and system related Managed Services to the market. This is in line with Crosskey’s strategy to let the customer focus on their core business while Crosskey takes care of the everything from the customer’s hardware to the back office services. One of these services is the back-office service Fraud Monitoring that a couple of Crosskey’s customers started using during 2014. Read more about Crosskey’s services offering here.

Crosskey’s 10-year anniversary
In 2014 Crosskey turned 10 years and this was celebrated together with our customers both in Finland and Sweden. As a part of the celebrations we launched the campaign 10 years-10 stories-10 employees where Crosskey’s story was told in the words of our people. These much appreciated stories can be found here. Happy reading!