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Why do I need it?

Technology is often seen as an enabler – and the latest technologies have the potential to allow us to radically increase the speed and ease of transactions.

But there’s a problem.

Technologies are – by definition – in competition with each other. Think video conferencing. How many clients do you now use on a regular basis? Facetime, Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, Slack, Teams?  What was designed to simplify has become a mess of parallel solutions, all competing for your time and attention..

It’s the same with banking technologies. Multiple payment methodologies, all with their own costly integration challenges and unique interface, each of which has a learning curve. The result? Confusing silos, lack of oversight, a long onboarding period – and a compliance nightmare.

Our benefits

Crosskey’s payment hub takes the stress out of implementing and maintaining multiple services and integrations. It’s a one-stop-shop that gives you complete oversight of all your operations, simplifying reporting and providing clear insights into your business.

New services – as and when you require them – can be added to your hub with ease, allowing you to access all the functionality you need and eliminate the clutter of that which you don’t, for a clean, intuitive user experience.

Crosskey was born from Ålandsbanken – with all their banking DNA; as such, partnering with us automatically ensures that you are, by default, up to date with all relevant regulations and legislation, taking the risk and time out of compliance.

In addition, Crosskey holds all relevant licenses and certifications. We are, for example, one of the very few SWIFT service bureaus in the Nordics, certified against SIP 2020.

Better together – share expertise, cut costs

“By working together, we are developing world beating payment solutions that remove the bigger banks competitive edge – collective thinking, faster development, and lower cost that can produce a genuinely fair marketplace.”

Adoption of any new system is expensive and time consuming – a particular problem for niche banks or smaller financial players. With our payment hub, you can select the services that you need on a modular basis, all while maintaining the same easy to understand user experience. 

By implementing our pre-built solutions, which can be individually tailored to your needs, you save on development costs and time to market. You also remove the risk associated with previously untested implementations.

“Crosskey Payment Hub is more than just a tool – it’s a community where we can share expertise and experience, pooling and leveraging our knowledge for the betterment of all.”

With our banking DNA and proven history of successful technical integrations, Crosskey has the expertise to guide you to a stress-free, future-proofed deployment, whatever your requirements. Why not get in touch to find out how?

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