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December 19, 2014 In the news, News

S-Pankki extends and expands the cooperation with Crosskey

S-Pankki and Crosskey have extended their cooperation and signed a new cooperation agreement valid until the end of 2020. The agreement is a continuation of the existing cooperation agreement which was signed in 2005 and covers Crosskey’s core bank and internet bank solutions. In connection with the extension of the existing agreement, S-Pankki and Crosskey have also entered a new cooperation agreement regarding Crosskey’s card issuing platform. S-Pankki is one of Finland’s major banks with over 2.7 million customers and is also one of the largest card issuer in Finland.

“Ever since the start of our cooperation we have been satisfied with Crosskey and see them as a long-term strategic partner. During the years we have worked together, Crosskey has shown a high-level of commitment and reliability making sure that our bank operations have been running as smoothly as possible, enabling us to focus on our core business. The fact that we now extend and also expand our cooperation to now also include Crosskey’s card solution, covering the needs of our millions of card customers, is the result of a well working partnership”, says Iikka Kuosa, SVP, Business Development and IT, S-Pankki.

During 2013, S-Pankki acquired the majority of shares in FIM and entered into an agreement to merge with LähiTapiola Bank, another Crosskey customer. LähiTapiola Bank and S-Pankki merged in May 2014. With over 2.7 million customers, S-Pankki is today one of the biggest banks in Finland.

“We are happy to renew our cooperation agreement with our long-term customer S-Pankki. We have been working together with S-Pankki ever since the start of their banking operations and have supported them throughout their journey in becoming one of Finland’s biggest banks. We appreciate the well-established cooperation we have with S-Pankki and we are delighted that we now also got the opportunity to provide one of Finland’s largest card issuer with our card system”, says Thomas Lundberg, Managing Director, Crosskey.

With this extended and expanded cooperation Crosskey strengthens its position as one of the leading financial IT providers in Finland, supporting a total of 3.2 million end-customers in its IT-systems.

The extension agreement covering the core bank- and internet bank systems replaces the two separate cooperation agreements that LähiTapiola Bank and S-Pankki had entered into with Crosskey and that originally was valid until 2016 and 2017 respectively. The signed extension agreement and the cooperation agreement regarding the card system are valid as from 2014 until the end of 2020. Crosskey considers that the company’s financial position will not materially change the nearest coming years as a consequence of the agreements.

For further information please contact:

Thomas Lundberg, Managing Director, Crosskey
Tel: +358 204 29 18 41

Iikka Kuosa, SVP, Business Development and IT, S-Pankki
Tel: +358 40 522 19 97

Charlotta Wretdal, Communications & Marketing Manager, Crosskey
Tel: +358 40 534 9156

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