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Corporate solutions

Corporate solutions

Your end-customers want to pay in new and different ways. E-services are a key requirement for many. Crosskey corporate solutions give end-customers the services they want and simplify your processes. With our corporate internet bank functionality at your disposal, it’s easy to do business.

Our ISO ISO20022 (PAIN) compliant solution enables you to send salary payments, SEPA-payments and foreign payments. You can collect account statements and reference files on a daily basis, and balances and transactions can be collected on the fly, giving full control over your daily business. This functionality is in line with ISO ISO20022 (CAMT). All customer communication is handled in accordance with the latest security standards.

We also offer full e-invoice handling, including sending and receiving of e- B2B and B2C invoices. In addition, we handle proxies towards end-customers, as well as the agreements between the bank and the corporate customer.

Our broad range of e-services includes e-payment, enabling you to charge end-customers for services
via the “pay button”. We also support refund of e-pay- ments. Our e-identification service is based on the FTN standard. End-customers can identify them- selves on sites such as the tax office, postal service and customs. Through our e-salary service, internet bank end-customers can get their salary specifications electronically. The specifications are stored with a service provider and can easily be accessed online. We also support creation of group account structures, which can help simplify your daily liquidity management.


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