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Customer management

Customer management

Customers are the key to any business. We are committed to giving you the right tools to ensure a smooth and easy experience for your customers. We give you an instant 360° view of the customer you’re working with, ensuring you always have full control and the relevant information at your fingertips.

All of our customer management processes (open/ change deposits and accounts, credit approval, payment handling, etc.) start from this 360° view. We give you the tools you need for effective sales and a great dialogue with customers, including an advisory tool for efficient sales processes.

Crosskey’s comprehensive customer register contains all the relevant customer data and makes it easily available through the channels that match your needs. Our register can function as a customer master or is easy to integrate with an external customer master.

The customer register simplifies everything from address management to collection of authority-related customer data such as AML and KYC information. It also allows you to segment and evaluate customers in order to maximize business potential. Customer information can be updated automatically as well as manually, and you can also give end-customers the possibility to update some of their information via the internet bank. All changes are logged for review.


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