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Today’s end-customer values a personalised solution that is secure, highly accessible and easy to use. Our eBanking solution lets you give your customers the service and peace of mind they want, enabling you to build deep and long-lasting relationships.

Our highly modern platform brings you closer to your customers through tailored branding, well-designed interactivity, effective dialogue, and a user-friendly interface to all bank products. The eBanking platform is a hub that integrates all your product and customer systems in order to provide a consistent user experience in web and mobile channels.

Customer identification is a central aspect of any eBanking solution. Our CAM module enables us to integrate the eBanking platform with any identification solution. We have, for example, ready-made integrations to BankId for the Swedish market. Most importantly, the CAM module’s open architecture means you can integrate the identification and signing solution that works best for your business – and implement it across all your digital channels.

Communication is a strong aspect of our platform. Our secure inbox gives direct dialogue via messaging between the bank and the end customer. Automatically generated notifications and alarms can be configured as needed. Features such as Personal Financial Management functionality enable you to give your customers better understanding and control over their economy.

The system also facilitates targeted sales, making it easy to segment your customers and deliver relevant personalised campaigns.


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Stefan Eriksson

Stefan Eriksson

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