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Lending & Credit

Lending & Credit

Profitable lending and credit depends on accurate customer assessments and an easy credit decision process. Our efficient automated credit-approval process is a great basis for building successful business. We can also manage the entire credit life- cycle, from application to invoicing and final payment.

We focus on making the credit-approval process and credit lifecycle as user-friendly as possible. For example, we strive to ensure that the same information does not have to be given more than once. This decreases risks connected to mismatch of information, as well as eliminating unnecessary work. Our credit processes are accessible via branch, internet and intranet solutions.

Our solution handles several types of products, including secured and unsecured loans. Our loans/credits products can be connected to a variety of repayment plans and interest calculations. We also have good collateral management, which is a necessity if you want to offer your customers loans connected to collateral. We support standard risk management methods and scoring, and our system is IRB compliant.

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Alexander Aminoff

Alexander Aminoff

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