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Crosskey has been operating a SWIFT service bureau since 2006 and has extensive knowledge in matters such as eligibility criteria, roles and responsibilities, as well as legal, financial and operational requirements when operating a SWIFT service bureau.

Crosskey adheres to the requirements stipulated in Swift’s Shared Infrastructure Programme (SIP). We are, as one of few Service Bureaus in the Nordics, certified against the SIP and our latest inspection date was 25th of April 2022.

The SWIFT SIP is described as a legal framework consisting of the Shared Infrastructure Programme Policy  and the Shared Infrastructure Programme Terms and Conditions.

As SWIFT puts it – SIP governs the relationship between SWIFT, the Service Bureaux and the end-user of a Service Bureau and sets out the eligibility criteria for admission, roles and responsibilities, and legal, financial and operational requirements.

The SIP verifies that the service bureau meets the following criteria to be compliant:

  1. check against business eligibility criteria
  2. check against legal and financial criteria
  3. check against operational criteria

SIP also specifies that a SWIFT service bureau must have at least two service bureau on-boarding specialists, and two service bureau connectivity specialists.

  1. Service Bureau specialist, on-boardingTo provide guidance to customers wanting to connect to SWIFT, it is important that the service bureau staff has proven knowledge of the SWIFT’s membership processes, and fully understands its own role and responsibilities in these processes.
  2. Service Bureau specialist, connectivityThe Service Bureau, Connectivity exam comprises questions about connectivity products (Alliance Gateway, Alliance Web Platform, SWIFTNet Link, Alliance Connect) and security awareness.
  3. Skills certification process steps

Crosskey’s SWIFT solution is currently active in the Nordic market and has during these years had a very high availability for our customers with few incidents.

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