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Crosskey – climate neutral solutions

One of Crosskey’s core values is to provide sustainable solutions, that serves not only us but more importantly the planet. This is the reason for our latest project, a way to compensate for most of our carbon emissions and give back to mother nature.

Crosskey – a climate certified company

As a tech company, the biggest source of our climate impact is electricity consumption. In May 2019 Crosskey earned a climate certificate as a proof of us being climate neutral in our electricity consumption. The electricity we consume derives mainly from hydro- and solar power (marked with a source of origin) and therefore our consumption leads to very modest emissions. Nevertheless, energy production always leads to some emissions. Therefore, Crosskey buys carbon emission reductions (CER) to compensate for the energy used. This year we have in fact overcompensated for the energy used.

Why do we climate compensate?

The CER Crosskey buys is to support greener energy production in India. India is the largest country contributing to increasing global energy demand. India is also the world’s second largest coal producer and as of next year will be the largest coal importer leading to countless harmful pollution. The Government of India saw this as an opportunity to call for action – making renewable energy capacity a high priority. This is where the project Karnataka Wind comes in, striving to achieve CERs.

The wind farm in Karnataka comes with a positive chain effect. This take on climate action makes it possible to reduce carbon emission with 80 000 tonnes a year. It also leads to economic growth, creating long-term jobs for the locals. The reduce of carbon emission leads to a better work environment which in turn will bring good health and well-being both for people and nature.

How do CERs work?

Each project is continuously monitored to keep track of the CERs. The United Nations audits the projects and issues the CER certificates, which are then kept in an international record.

The only internationally recognized way to reduce global warming to zero is by turning carbon emissions into carbon offsets. Let’s say a company releases one tonne CO2 emissions. They’ll invest in a CER project to create an offset of one tonne CO2. The climate neutralisation must be certificated, which makes it a safe and sustainable solution.

Crosskey strives for sustainability in other ways as well. We digitise banking, which leads to less use of paper, and offer solutions that support sustainable financial services. Also, we strive to travel by ferries instead of flights and to cycle or use public transport when we can. This is because we believe every small decision can have a big impact on our way to become more sustainable.

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