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mars 14, 2019 Nyheter

The open ONE: Crosskey’s Open Banking platform released into the wild.

Crosskey, the leading provider of banking systems in Nordics, today launched the Open Banking Market (https://crosskey.io) — a secure hub, connecting banks, fintech companies and financial service providers with value-adding data, channels, functionality and opportunities. Three banks — S-Bank, Ålandsbanken and Resurs Bank — are presently onboard and will make their respective open APIs available on the platform from the get go.

Years in the making and previously only available to existing Crosskey customers, the new Open Banking platform fuses the power of many with the simplicity of ONE. “Open means opportunities, for everyone,” said Thomas Lundberg, Managing Director of Crosskey. “By bringing the power of many into ONE place, we enable the creation of new financial experiences, products and services beyond regulatory requirements. This is the future of banking, now.”

As contrarian as the concept of “open” has been in relation to old-school finance, Crosskey has adhered to an Open Banking mindset since 2011, years before the influx of modern financial services developments such as Fintech, PSD2 and indeed Open Banking. While many banks and bank IT providers have occupied themselves with patching up old systems, Crosskey has quietly focused on building a new banking platform that is future-friendly, open for integration and full of possibilities. This strategic head start has made Crosskey a trusted go-to partner as “open” goes from something exotic to something required.

About Crosskey

Headquartered on the main island of the beautiful Åland archipelago, Crosskey’s special blend of big league IT capabilities, laid-back human touch and focus on delivering quality, has allowed the company to become the leading provider of banking platforms in the Nordics.

With offices in Mariehamn, Stockholm, Helsinki and Turku, customers include cutting-edge fintech companies and multiple Nordic banks, with an end-customer base of more than 3 million. Spun off as a subsidiary from Ålandsbanken in 2004, the company has 250 employees and revenues of some 33MEUR.

For more information, please visit www.crosskey.fi and https://crosskey.io.

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