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So... What’s Crosskey like?

When we asked our colleagues to describe Crosskey they came back with 4 words – knowledgeable, positive, helpful, and thorough.

These are not some taglines dreamed up by a marketing agency, but the honest responses of our friends and colleagues. We know that banking is a serious business – but we also believe that business is much more fun when we trust and support each other at every step.


We thrive on transformation in commerce and work life driven by tech and societal shifts. Our aim is a flexible, supportive work culture that focuses on outcomes, whether you're remote or in our Åland, Sweden, or Finland offices. We know that everyone works best in different ways – and we go out of our way to support that.


At Crosskey, our tight-knit, supportive culture explains why colleagues stay long-term. We're an open, flat organization where every voice is valued, fostering a collaborative spirit that champions both individuality and shared success.


Banking is built on trust, and at Crosskey, we balance problem-solving with meticulous care. Our training and mentorship programs hone the skills needed for secure, reliable financial services. Join us to master the blend of technology and banking.


We're banking IT specialists, crafting solutions for specific financial sector needs and innovating for the future's global, tech-driven economy. Join us to lead this change.

Meet the people at Crosskey

At Crosskey, we value innovation, integrity, and a passion for redefining the future.

Daniel Grunér
Daniel Grunér





Application Manager

Daniel started out as a trainee and progressed through Crosskey to become an Application Manager. He’s passionate about the power of innovation to drive professional growth and inspire change.

Jenny Hjulfors
Jenny Hjulfors





Product Manager

Jenny has worked with us since 2008, starting out as a developer. Progressing through a term as an Application Manager, she now thrives as one of our Product Managers.

Company benefits

Need another reason to join us? Here are just some of the ways we value our colleagues

Fun at work

Work should be fun! At Crosskey you can have your say and make a change. We have an appointed group; we call them The Feel Good Group and they put an extra topping on our working lives throughout the year. We believe in the importance to meet face to face both in smaller team building sessions and bigger Crosskey events where all Crosskeyers meet up.

Opportunities to grow

If you want to develop within your 
role, specialize within an area,  broaden your skill set or step into a
new part of the organisation—you
have our support!

Your well-being is our priority

We understand that with sedentary desk jobs, maintaining physical and mental health is crucial. That's why we offer annual health care allowance. Alternatively, if you prefer to stay active during work hours, you have the option to opt for 1 hour of on-the-clock training per week instead. Choose what best supports your well-being.

Health and biking benefits

Avoiding car travel is good for both your wallet and the environment. So, we subsidize public transportation and have biking benefits (local variations can occur due to legislation).

Hybrid and flexible workplace

Experience hybrid work with the choice to split your time between our central offices or remote work for up to three days a week. We champion work-life balance, helping you align personal and career goals. Our flexible scheduling lets you and your manager create a routine that suits your lifestyle.

Favorable banking services

Besides stable and secure employment within a banking group, you also have access to favourable loan terms, discounts, and insurance.

Trainee program at Crosskey

Launch your career as a trainee at Crosskey, tailored for immersive learning and growth

Recruitment process

Every fall, our search for the next generation of talent begins, inviting candidates to a thorough selection process, with successful trainees starting their Crosskey journey in spring or summer across all our office locations.

  • Coding test to showcase your technical skills.
  • Personality assessment to understand where you'll thrive within our teams.
  • Interviews that provide insights into your problem-solving abilities and cultural fit.

Onboarding experience

Begin your journey at Crosskey with a structured onboarding program that welcomes you into our family, laying a solid foundation for a career where talent and innovation are nurtured from day one.

  • You'll be assigned a mentor for guidance and support in your new role.
  • Engage in team-building with peers, creating bonds right from the start
  • Tackle tasks that enhance our projects and your career development.

Interested in a career at Crosskey?

Do you still have more questions about Crosskey or wonder what it’s like to work here? Feel free to contact our Operative HR Manager to find out more about our roles.

Monika Sigmark
Monika Sigmark
Operative HR Manager

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