Innovative banking

Our comprehensive solutions for a truly modern approach to banking

Supporting your business

Crosskey’s flexible modular solutions lets you select precisely the functionality you need, and to expand and adapt in line with changing demands.
Our flexible modular systems enable you to select precisely the functionality you need, and make it easy to expand and adapt in line with your business needs. All this is supported by expert consultative and managed services that assure a smooth path to success.

A full service offer

Crosskey’s systems and services make it easier to achieve profitable financial services business. We cover the full spectrum of transactions, and make your products available through all the channels today’s end-customers want.

Partner for turnkey solutions

Crosskey combines big-league IT capabilities with flexibility, engagement and a personal touch. We make it easier to create new revenue from financial services, getting you to market faster with the right offering. Our expertise covers everything from traditional banking to eBanking, card & mobile payments and capital markets.

Solutions overview

With expertise spanning traditional banking to modern eBanking and payments, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that cater to all aspects of the financial industry.

Daily Banking

Empower your business with a 360Β° view of your customers. Streamline account management, credit approval, and payment handling. Dive into our advanced features, including a detailed customer register for efficient data management and compliance with AML and KYC standards. Learn about our flexible deposit and account products, designed for ease of use and tailored to your business needs.

Capital Markets

As the global Wealth Management scene changes andΒ investment firms widen their scope from the traditionalΒ HNWI focus to cover a broader range of younger, activeΒ affluent private investors, supporting technology facesΒ new challenges​. Intelligent automation, flexibility and investmentΒ profiles tailored to the preference of the individual areΒ becoming cornerstones in any competitive wealthΒ management offering and requires modern, customer-centric architectures​. CrosskeyΒ can provide comprehensive businessΒ support solutions meeting the emergingΒ requirements within a wide range of WealthΒ Management activities such as Asset Management,Β Fund Management and Brokerage​ Services.

Payment Solutions

We are revolutionizing financial connectivity. Comprehensive message management that adheres to the highest security standards, including AML and KYC compliance. Global connectivity, backed by 24/7 support and monitoring, aligned with PSD2 and PSD3 regulations to foster open banking and create new revenue streams through innovative fintech collaborations.

Open Finance & Digital Channels

Embrace the future of finance with Crosskey's cutting-edge Open Finance and Digital Channels solutions. Our platforms pave the way for a new era of financial services, where customer empowerment and seamless digital experiences are paramount.

Lending & Credit

Our automated credit-approval system supports the entire credit lifecycle, from application to final payment. Our solutions, accessible via various channels, cater to diverse products including secured and unsecured loans, with flexible repayment plans and robust collateral management. Adhering to standard risk management and IRB compliance, we ensure a secure, efficient lending experience.

Card Solutions

Our Card Solutions encompass a wide range of options including debit, credit, and corporate cards. Tailored to perfectly fit your brand identity, whether virtual, digital or plastic, branded or co-branded.