BIN Sponsorship

Experience faster time to market

Streamline your credit card launch with our BIN Sponsorship service, provided by Ålandsbanken. Experience faster time to market, cost savings, simplified compliance, and enhanced flexibility, all without the need for major investments or card scheme membership complexities. Focus on your core competencies and drive your credit card program forward.

Crosskey's BIN Sponsorship service, in partnership with Ålandsbanken, offers a streamlined pathway for launching your credit card program. This service bypasses the need for direct card scheme memberships, simplifying compliance and reducing time to market.

It's an ideal solution for financial institutions and fintech companies seeking cost-effective and flexible credit card issuing options. Leverage our expertise and Ålandsbanken's established infrastructure to focus on your core business, while we handle the complexities of card issuance.

Direct contact person

Hanna Mara-Viinikainen

Business Area Manager

Payments & Cards 408 610 895