Open Finance & Digital Channels

Revolutionizing Finance with Open Platforms and Digital Integration

Embrace the future of finance with Crosskey's cutting-edge Open Finance and Digital Channels solutions. Our platforms pave the way for a new era of financial services, where customer empowerment and seamless digital experiences are paramount.

Crosskey's Open Finance and Digital Channels blend cutting-edge technology with finance. Our Open Finance platform broadens traditional banking, encompassing diverse financial services like investments and insurance, with a focus on data security and regulatory compliance.

Our eBanking solution redefines online banking with a secure, user-friendly interface, integrating various products for a unified digital experience. It features advanced financial management tools and secure communication, enhancing user control over finances.

C°OPEN, a key offering, is a cloud-based solution facilitating PSD2 compliance for banks. It ensures secure, regulated access to customer bank accounts, meeting high-security standards like Open Banking UK and ISO20022.

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Vilhelm Östberg

Business Area Manager

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