Capital Markets

Comprehensive business support solutions for Wealth management

As the global Wealth Management scene changes and investment firms widen their scope from the traditional HNWI focus to cover a broader range of younger, active affluent private investors, supporting technology faces new challenges​. Intelligent automation, flexibility and investment profiles tailored to the preference of the individual are becoming cornerstones in any competitive wealth management offering and requires modern, customer-centric architectures​. Crosskey can provide comprehensive business support solutions meeting the emerging requirements within a wide range of Wealth Management activities such as Asset Management, Fund Management and Brokerage​ Services.

Crosskey's Capital Markets solutions provide a streamlined, automated approach, our Offering covers Portfolio Custody Management with a fully-fledged Back Office including Clearing & Settlement processing, Portfolio Valuation, NAV Calculation, Integrated Order Management and Execution (OEMS) and naturally fully compliant Authority- and Client reporting.

The user interface is customizable for ease of use and effective analysis. Additionally, our solutions ensure seamless integration with existing applications and robust communication channels, supporting growth and adaptability in capital market operations.

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Andreas Freiman

Business Area Manager

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