Lending & Credit

Multiple product handling, from secured to unsecured loans.

Our automated credit-approval system supports the entire credit lifecycle, from application to final payment. Our solutions, accessible via various channels, cater to diverse products including secured and unsecured loans, with flexible repayment plans and robust collateral management. Adhering to standard risk management and IRB compliance, we ensure a secure, efficient lending experience.

Crosskey's Lending & Credit solutions streamline the lending process, handling various products like secured and unsecured loans efficiently. Our automated credit-approval system simplifies the entire credit lifecycle, ensuring quick and accurate decision-making. The platform is versatile, accessible across multiple channels, and offers flexible repayment plans to suit different customer needs.

We emphasize secure and compliant lending practices, integrating robust collateral management and adhering to risk management and IRB standards. This approach guarantees not only an efficient lending process but also a secure and trustworthy experience for both lenders and borrowers.

Direct contact person

Madeleine Lang

Business Area Manager

Core & Credits

madeleine.lang@crosskey.se+46 706 212 144