Tell us briefly about your background:

I started as a developer at Crosskey in 2008. During that time, I learned RPG from scratch and, after some years, became the application manager for an e-invoice system. I later became the application manager for two other systems and kept the e-invoice system as a backup. In 2023, I stepped into a new role at Crosskey as a Product Manager for my team, which has given me new inspiration and challenges. I now plan the team's deliveries and increment planning and support and help them in all the ways that I can.

When I’m not working, I am currently training for the next marathon, running a podcast, and “working” as a taekwondo instructor. When I’m not doing things with my family, of course.

Describe a “normal” day at Crosskey?

Right now, I am, as a product manager, involved in many different projects and issues. A lot of the time I have meetings resolving problems about requirements and when or which things should be done. When I am not in meetings, I work to get answers to questions regarding projects and assignments and look over what capacity my team can deliver. I resolve problems, technical and more theoretical.

What inspires you about working at Crosskey?

My colleagues, who also are my friends. The mentality that there is always a solution and that I know there is no finger-pointing if I make a mistake. The variation of work is also an inspiration. Not one day or year looks the same. I will always learn something new.

How does Crosskey support your professional growth and aspirations? In what way has your role evolved since you started?

I have received opportunities for new challenges, and I have been brave enough to say yes. I have always felt that the managers have been listening when I want a new challenge.

What's one word that best describes the culture at Crosskey, and why?

There is always a solution. We solve problems together.

How do you balance your work and personal life at Crosskey?

Keep a busy personal life so the work time stays in its place 😉