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Open Finance

Open finance is a broader term than open banking, which refers specifically to the sharing of financial data and services between banks and other financial institutions.

Blue sky thinking? The pros and cons of the cloud revolution…

Let’s be clear. Digital transformation is a ‘fait accompli’ and any business still considering whether or not to prioritise a transformation strategy has got to act fast to avoid being left behind. But an integral part of that strategy is the move to cloud computing.

Why a ‘failure to comply’ could be the most expensive mistake your business could make

It’s been an ‘interesting’ few years for the Nordics’ biggest banks. In June, Sweden’s financial watchdog penalized SEB 1 billion SEK for ‘broad and longstanding financial crime compliance failures’, while in March, Swedbank, the country’s largest lender, was fined 4 billion SEK for the same offence.