Building one of Finland’s largest banks from scratch

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September 10, 2023

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Ilkka Kousa

SVP (Business Development & IT)

The challenge

S Group wanted to launch a bank that would give it new ways of doing business in the Finnish banking market. Starting up a bank is an enormous project requiring integration and alignment of the banking system, as well as extensive data migration.

Although a banking system constitutes the core of a bank’s activities, an extensive business project is also needed to build the organization, products and processes. The business-critical nature of the task demanded a partner with deep understanding, and a system with the stability to handle large volumes of transactions.

We would absolutely recommend Crosskey. They are a partner with systems expertise and in-depth understanding of central banking processes. Crosskey’s solutions are a foundation for our business.

The solution

Since S Group was starting its banking business from scratch with the launch of S-Pankki, Crosskey could tailor a system to closely match its business needs. Crosskey’s industry and business knowledge helped ensure a successful result. Crosskey’s Core Banking product and online bank had what S-Pankki needed: support for customer management, deposits, loans, payments and business products, with online banking as the primary channel.

The Core Banking product is extremely stable and handles millions of customers and transactions with high accessibility. Crosskey’s internet bank was selected due to its reputation as one of the best online banks on the market. The solution was adapted to match S-Pankki’s retail bank setup and product range. The product range has been further developed in close cooperation with S-Pankki.

Crosskey has a down-to-earth way of presenting its solutions. This is important as we need to fully understand new solutions before we make a purchase decision. Together with Crosskey we have established a highly reliable way of arriving at the solutions that are best for us.

The result

S Bank has worked with Crosskey since the launch of its bank operations in Finland in 2006. The partnership has helped drive growth and development of multiple new and improved products.


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