A tight collaboration resulting in a highly competitive app

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September 13, 2023

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Jannike Nordström

Business Development

The challenge

Ålandsbanken needed an app that would enable them to grow their business and extend their service offering with what today is a vital customer channel. The focus was on building an intuitive and easy-to-use app that would allow customers to use their services on-the-go without hazzle. Ålandsbanken wanted to make sure the app would help them in increasing interactivity and activity with their customers to further extend their goal in being a bank that values the relationship with its customers. Crosskey had previous experience of building applications for mobile devices, but this time Ålandsbanken wanted apps available for both App Store and Google Play.

Thanks to a tight collaboration we launched an easy-to-use and highly customized app that fits the needs of our end customers. This was done with a short time-to-market. As a result, we have an increased customer activity and a closer relationship with our customers.

The solution

Years of technical knowledge and experience made the creation of Crosskey’s first apps to Google Play and App Store possible. A tight collaboration between Crosskey and Ålandsbanken ensured a highly adapted solution that fits the needs of Ålandsbanken’s end customers. Simplicity of use was key in the project both technically and visually – making the app both pleasing to the eye and easy to use. Crosskey’s solution enabled Ålandsbanken to launch apps for both the Swedish and the Finnish market with short time-to-market.

The results

The collaboration has resulted in Ålandsbanken having easy-to-use, highly customized apps for both its Finnish and Swedish customers.

  • 4 apps (2 for iOS 2 for Android)
  • Increased customer activity
  • e-ID login
  • Quick balance view without login required
  • Possibility to confirm invoices
  • New modern channel in place to interact with customers
  • Tightened partnership to keep improving the apps together


Apps in production for iOS and Android.


More active Finnish customers.


More active Swedish customers.