Brokerage Services

Comprehensive solution for brokerage houses and private banking

As a Brokerage House offering Wealth Management Services, you need to manage the full Investor Portfolio life cycle. We have all the tools required to support you.

Our platform delivers extensive coverage of financial products, including various securities, funds, and investment options like derivatives and structured products. For individual investors, it offers savings plans, interest calculations, and tax return assistance, aligning with MiFID and GDPR standards.

The back office capabilities encompass multi-currency clearing and settlement, collateral management, and streamlined reporting. Our integrated order management facilitates direct liquidity access and execution, complemented by web portal integration.

Crosskey stands out with its MS Dynamics 365-based CRM, ensuring a service-centric approach. The modular SaaS model simplifies client operations, while API access and web-based technology support a customizable and future-ready digital infrastructure.

Direct contact person

Andreas Freiman

Business Area Manager

Capital Markets 709 770 252