Open Finance

Integrations that streamline the entire customer experience.

Crosskey's C°OPEN is a pioneering cloud-based open service platform tailored for banks, financial institutions, and fintech companies, designed to meet PSD2 requirements, providing secure access to payment accounts for third-party entities. It enables banks to access customer bank accounts through the C°OPEN API, simplifying Open Banking, streamlining integration, and reducing costs.

Crosskey's Open Finance solutions, featuring the C°OPEN platform, revolutionize the financial industry's approach to data sharing and collaboration. Our cloud-based service is tailored to meet the needs of banks, financial institutions, and fintech companies, aligning with PSD2 regulations.

The C°OPEN API facilitates secure and efficient access to customer bank accounts, enhancing open banking capabilities. This solution simplifies integrations, making data sharing seamless and cost-effective. It's designed to foster innovation, create new revenue opportunities, and deliver a streamlined experience for all users in the open banking ecosystem.

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