A long history of looking to the future.

Born from Ålandsbanken, a bank whose name has been synonymous with trust for over a century, Crosskey is proud to be different. Coming from Åland, we view the world from a unique perspective – blending the very best of Sweden and Finland, conscious of our history but always looking outwards and ahead.

We’re innovators and creators, building upon a rock solid foundation of banking experience but never frightened to embrace the new. Come join our family.

What’s Crosskey like?

When we asked our colleagues to describe Crosskey they came back with 4 words – knowledgeable, positive, helpful, and thorough. Not some taglines dreamed up by a marketing agency, but the honest responses of our friends and colleagues. We know that banking is a serious business – but we also believe that business is much more fun when we trust and support each other at every step.

Crosskey is…


Where other IT solutions providers are generalists, we’re specialists. We understand the specific demands of the banking and financial industries and design integrations and solutions precisely tailored to these needs. We’re developing innovative ways to solve tomorrow’s banking challenges, as we move ever further into a globalised, technologically driven economy. We need the best and the brightest developers to help us stay at the forefront of this innovation.


The way we interact – both in terms of commerce and work – has been transformed by disruptors, both technological and societal. We embrace this change and aim to provide a work environment that is flexible and nurturing. Whether working from home, or in our offices in Åland or mainland Sweden or Finland, we have a culture that watches results, not the clock. We know that everyone works best in different ways – and we go out of our way to support that.


There’s a reason that so many of our colleagues stay with Crosskey for so long – we’re a family, supporting each other, overcoming challenges together and celebrating our successes. We’re a transparent, flat organisation where every voice can be heard and every opinion is valid. We champion individuality, while embracing our shared values, always helping each other to achieve more.


The world of banking is based on trust. Integrity is key to everything we do, so while we have a lot of fun solving problems, we never forget to pay attention to the details. Our mentorship and trainee programs develop skills critical to providing the secure, reliable services that the financial sector demands. With Crosskey, you’ll have a unique chance to sit at the intersection of banking and technology, learning how we leverage advanced technology in the most sensitive of mission-critical operations.

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Room for development…

As a developer with Crosskey, you’ll be able to develop your skills, working on projects critical to the future of modern banking. As Fintech moves transactions away from traditional banking processes, there’s a huge opportunity to provide cutting edge software and integrations that can change the way that the whole industry operates. That’s why Crosskey is growing – we need people who want to push the boundaries of innovation and create next generation solutions to tomorrow’s challenges.

Work in Mariehamn, Stockholm, Helsingfors or Åbo

If you like the sound of being part of the Crosskey family – and it’s a big, challenging, inclusive, rewarding, growing family – why not get in touch? We’d love to hear from you.