The financial services market is more accessible than ever. It’s also more complex, with tightening regulations, changing customer behaviour and shifts in technology. There are limitless possibilities for those who can master the challenge, and that’s where Crosskey gives you the edge. This dynamic landscape is our world, and we open it up for you. An IT innovator born from banking, our understanding, creativity and attention to detail will ensure your plans become reality – faster and with less hassle. Ready for new financial business? Let’s open the door together.

Supporting your business

Crosskey’s flexible modular solutions lets you select precisely the functionality you need, and to expand and adapt in line with changing demands.

Ours is a people business. We work closely with you and go the extra mile to secure the results you want. Through high efficiency, new revenue generation and outstanding service quality, we turn your ambitions into reality and secure long-term profitability

A partner for turnkey solutions

Crosskey combines big-league IT capabilities with flexibility, engagement and a personal touch. We make it easier to create new revenue from financial services, getting you to market faster with the right offering. Our expertise covers everything from traditional banking to eBanking, card & mobile payments and capital markets. A subsidiary of Ålandsbanken, we have offices in Mariehamn, Stockholm, Helsinki and Turku. Our customers span the Nordics and they include Ålandsbanken, S-Pankki, DNB and Marginalen Bank.



The stories behind Crosskey

  • Eva Wahlberg-Jäntti
    Eva Wahlberg-Jäntti

    Project Manager

  • Michael Numelin
    Michael Numelin

    Systems Architect

  • Tobias Dahlman
    Tobias Dahlman

    Senior Application Manager

  • Eva Thelin
    Eva Thelin

    Product Strategist

  • Anders Öberg
    Anders Öberg

    Product Specialist

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Peter Wiklöf
  • Peter Wiklöf
  • CEO, Ålandsbanken
Lars O Anderson
  • Lars O Anderson


Niclas Södergård
  • Niclas Södergård
  • Managing Director
Tommy Grönlund
  • Tommy Grönlund
  • Deputy Managing Director
Madeleine Lang
  • Madeleine Lang
  • Business Area Manager, Banking Interfaces, Products & Services
Hanna Mara-Viinikainen
  • Hanna Mara-Viinikainen
  • Business Area Manager, Cards and Crosskey Financial Service
Sebastian Nunez
  • Sebastian Nunez
  • Business Area Manager, Infrastructure & Operations
Tove Niskala Dahlén
  • Tove Niskala Dahlén
  • Strategic & Competence HR Manager
Andreas Freiman
  • Andreas Freiman
  • Business Area Manager, Capital Markets
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