Tell us briefly about your background:

After completing my Master of Science in Business and Economics, Management and Organization in Uppsala, it took a couple of years and jobs before Crosskey caught my interest. I started my journey at Crosskey in 2009 as a Product Specialist, focusing on requirements collection and system testing. I worked my way through various positions, including Product Coordinator, Product Manager, Business Consultant, and Key Account Manager, gradually focusing more on up-sale, financial follow-up, and customer relationships. I’m now the Head of Key Account Management, looking forward to focusing more on customer relationships and up-sale opportunities.

What’s your most rewarding project at Crosskey?

I believe my most rewarding project is yet to come. I'm looking forward to working with the structure and the way we, as Key Account Managers, will interact with our customers to strengthen the relationships. It's extremely rewarding to contribute to positive changes, and I hope to make a positive impact on my new area of responsibilities. In my previous role, contributing to a good structure in the up-sale process was rewarding, and I believe I made day-to-day life easier for some colleagues.

Describe your role in contributing to client success:

My current role's core focus is on creating and maintaining strong customer relationships. By ensuring that customers’ needs, concerns, and challenges are heard within Crosskey, we can work together to help them succeed. Working actively with the feedback we receive from our customers will be a success factor for both them and us.

What motivates you most in your working day?

I am motivated by my amazing colleagues, their knowledge and drive, combined with the positive atmosphere. Continuously setting new goals for myself and striving to improve keeps me going. The belief that one can always become better and find new challenges is what drives me.