Tell us briefly about your background:

I hold a Master of Public Science and Economics from the University of Gothenburg. I started my career within IT and banking when I joined Crosskey and Payments in 2003. After seven years, I left to broaden my experience, working as CEO for an accounting firm, a publicly owned IT company, and as a Municipal Manager.

What’s your most rewarding project at Crosskey?

Since I've only been back for a little more than a year, I have to go back to my earlier career at Crosskey. Probably the implementation of e-invoice (Finvoice) for our Finnish banks was the most rewarding. It was my first project as a newly hired Product Specialist, and I learned a lot from the project, which I can still relate to today.

Describe your role in contributing to client success:

While I am not involved in the practical work of delivering our products or coding, I hope that by identifying larger business objectives and turning our customers’ wishes and our own development into more structured roadmaps, I can clarify where we are heading with the product. This enables the team to deliver on these goals.

What motivates you most in your working day?

Loving what you do, having a talented and helpful team, and working in an open environment where change is constant keeps me motivated. It's rewarding to deliver on agreed goals, develop new products for the market, and make a difference together.

Where do you see Crosskey heading in the future?

In the short term, I see us delivering on important projects and continuing to build our reputation for reliability and innovative IT solutions. In the long term, we will continue to onboard new talents and develop our offerings to stay ahead of competition and attract new and existing customers.