Tell us briefly about your background:

I started to work at Crosskey in the summer of 2009. I was hired as a System Administrator (which I still am today). We handle all the Linux systems and all related supporting systems, and I am responsible for the HSM systems for Crosskey (both Card and Banking).

On the personal side I do a lot of MC riding, and I share this hobby with my son. We have a lot of garage time together ☺. Another of my favorite things to do is play and listen to music. We spend a lot of time in the summer at our cottage in Vårdö, and we have a house in the middle of Sweden a few kilometers from a ski resort (Hassela), which is great when we have “sportlov”.

Describe a “normal” day at Crosskey?

Well, usually we start by checking the mail from last night, having a cup of coffee, and catching up with colleagues. Then we start working with what we have in our sprint. Some meetings and then more sprint work. During this, we always talk and laugh and have huge fun. Then we go home.

What inspires you about working at Crosskey?

I really enjoy working here. Every day is a day when I get to learn something new, and that is what makes this so fun.

How does Crosskey support your professional growth and aspirations?

Crosskey always pushes me to educate myself and encourages me to go on all courses I want/need to go on.

What's one word that best describes the culture at Crosskey, and why?

For me, it would be family.

How do you balance your work and personal life at Crosskey?

For me personally, I can forget work when I leave the office. So this is no problem.

Something else you would like to highlight?

It is my colleagues in my team. They’re fantastic people.