Tell us briefly about your background:

Before coming to Crosskey, I worked as a business developer/project manager at Ålandsbanken for three years. I’ve also worked as a sales and marketing planner at Andelsbanken för Åland and as a copywriter and translator at PAF. My interests include traveling, working out, watching reality shows, and spending time with friends and family. I struggle to say “no” and am always eager to learn new things and meet new people, so I’m also active in different boards, associations and NPOs.

What inspires you about working at Crosskey?

What inspires me about working at Crosskey is that there is always that eagerness and hunger to develop and improve. There’s always loads to do, and people's calendars are busy - but there is always that willingness to help out and to move forward.

How does Crosskey support your professional growth and aspirations?

I really appreciate the transparency in being asked if I wish to develop within my role or if I wish to expand into trying something new, whether it’s a new task or a new position within Crosskey. For me, this shows that even if I want to switch up my career, this doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to leave the company, which I think is a great mindset to have to keep the knowledge in-house but also to spread knowledge within and between departments and teams. Since I started working at Crosskey, I’ve also had the opportunity to go to a project management conference and I’ve taken a course in leadership for project managers. I have continuous conversations with my manager on how I can continue to grow within my role. When I wrote my master’s thesis while working, I got permission to send out a survey to Crosskey's employees (among others). The outcome was helpful and interesting, and I received really good feedback from the respondents at Crosskey. After publishing, I’ve been asked to share the results by both colleagues and management, which shows support and interest for my study, which is really empowering for my personal growth.

What's one word that best describes the culture at Crosskey, and why?

Inclusive. Even though some topics might be too technical for me to grasp or outside my area, I always feel included in the conversation. Even if it might be a crash course on the topic during a meeting or sharing materials afterward, everyone is always happy to help and share knowledge or get me up to speed.

How do you balance your work and personal life at Crosskey?

As a project manager, I spend a lot of time in meetings. That’s why I try to plan my workdays as much as possible and time block my calendar for admin work, following up on action points, meeting notes, or emails, setting up to-dos for the following day or rest of the week. Proper time planning is crucial for me so my workdays are as efficient as possible and that I can log off in the afternoon when my workday is done and I’ve completed what I need to do for the day. I enjoy having the hybrid model where I have the possibility to work from home, but when times are extra busy, I like to work at the office to keep a more strict work/life balance. During evenings and weekends, I’ve turned off notifications on my mobile so that the red notification dot doesn’t bother me when I’m off work 😊.