Tell us briefly about your background:

I started my employment in March 2000 at Aragon Fondkommission as a support technician. At that time, few things were automated, and a lot of time was spent installing and maintaining client computers. Pretty soon, I was focusing on networks and firewalls but also had responsibility for proptrading's stock/options trading platform for a while.

Aragon was bought/merged with Mattheus Fondkommission and JP Bank and formed Bankaktiebolaget JP Nordiska, which was then bought out by Kaupthing Bank. The majority of Kaupthing Bank was then bought by the Bank of Åland, and shortly afterward, Crosskey was formed as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bank of Åland.

In 2010, I left Crosskey to broaden my horizons and try something else and then started at Soucecom as an itinerant network security consultant. Being out with different customers and seeing many different environments was developing and exciting, but I missed Crosskey, the company culture, and the flexibility that Crosskey gave me, and at the end of 2012, I was re-employed at Crosskey as a Network Architect, which I am still today.

Describe a “normal” day at Crosskey:

The days often start with our daily Standup meeting, where we go through if someone in the team needs any assistance to move forward, if something has happened that affects today's priorities, and where we get an overview of what the rest of the group is working on. The workdays are seldom alike, which is something I value, but of course, there are recurring patterns. I mostly work with renewal projects from start to end. That includes choosing what technique to use, documentation, implementation schedule, test/verification protocols, planning, and dialogue with system owners. We have a 24/7 operation, and a lot of time is spent on designing redundant solutions and minimizing downtime and system impact when maintaining and rejuvenating infrastructure.

What inspires you about working at Crosskey?

That I’m involved in the whole chain of events, everything from the drawing table to implementation in an environment where there are high demands on performance and availability.

What's one word that best describes the culture at Crosskey, and why?

Momentum – The focus is on moving forward in a constructive way. It is not important who comes up with an idea but that we all strive forward with the common goal in focus.

How do you balance your work and personal life at Crosskey?

I live in Nynäshamn, have three children, 10, 13, and 16 years old, love to be out in nature, and live an active life. Being able to work remotely is absolutely crucial for my life and work/family/leisure to go together. Also, having the opportunity to control my working hours to a large extent means that I can work relatively much without a negative impact on my otherwise active life. Having this opportunity is something I value very highly.

Something else you would like to highlight?

Everybody I'm in contact with at Crosskey are team players, knowledgeable, nice, and humble. That is something I have been missing before. That was a crucial factor when I decided to return to Crosskey and why I’m still here. It’s a damn good place to work, in my view!