Tell us briefly about your background:

I live in Åland with my wife, two kids, and two dogs. Originally, I am from Vasa, Finland. Did my thesis on WiFi implementation during my secondary level Engineer studies. After graduation, I worked at Tietoevry before moving to DNA for network and project management duties. I have also worked as a consultant before joining Crosskey Åbo office in 2008. Spent a couple of years on datacenter network duties for Nokia from 2010. And, since 2013, I have been working at Crosskey in the Mariehamn office, handling roles like Network admin, Scrum master, PCI compliance officer, DPO, and Process and quality manager. In 2024, after two year of combining studies and work, I completed my master's degree in service design at Turku University of Applied Sciences.

What’s your most rewarding project at Crosskey?

It’s hard to select just one. The yearly audits we carry out have taught me a lot, as they validate yearly activities in couple of weeks based on collected materials and practical examples. The work with Crosskey ISO 9001 standard audits has been insightful into how our company works from an external perspective, and we have received valuable information on how to continuously improve organization. On the other hand, PCI audits, being more technical, require precise evidence. The PCI certificate allows us to manage cardholder data. Managing Crosskey's compliance with the PCI standard, while maintaining high security, is both challenging and rewarding.

Describe your role in contributing to client success:

As Process & Quality Manager, my role is responsible for Crosskey’s quality. Our ability to provide quality products to customers is maintained through business processes. These processes cover everything from company management to solution development and maintenance. Success is measured with defined goals across various areas like financial results, employee satisfaction, increment plans, release results, and SLA completion levels.

What motivates you most in your working day?

I am motivated by learning new things, which is essential in my roles as Process and Quality Manager, PCI Compliance Officer, and DPO. Supporting different audits requires the ability to absorb content quickly. The broad areas covered in daily duties and the constant changes make it important to be open to new information. I am also driven by the desire to do things well and am motivated by colleagues at Crosskey who share this mindset. Implementing what I have learned motivates me to develop myself and Crosskey further.

Where do you see Crosskey heading in the future?

In the near future, Crosskey seems to be on a “good roll” with new customers and a new organizational model that creates potential for successful business. Rapid growth might bring risks, but if we can make the new organization work effectively, we have good opportunities to improve quality in our work and make Crosskey a bigger player in larger markets.