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Capital Markets

Capital Markets

We enable you to develop more effective business processes by creating solutions that support STP (straight-through processing) and automation of the entire business flow – from Front Office and execution to Back Office and reporting.
This way you get a clearer focus on your core business and can drive sales and services more effectively. We offer service solutions based on SaaS (software as a service). Choose one, several or all of our service modules according to your needs. Or you can even out- source your Back Office processes partly or completely to Crosskey.

We provide comprehensive business support solutions for many areas of capital markets, including trading, asset management and fund management. Functionality includes order management, execution of trades, clearing and settlement processing, NAV calculation, portfolio valuation, authority and/or client reporting of fund or securities-related products and transactions.

We provide all this through modern applications and effective interfaces and communication channels. This includes customized GUIs; online clients and execution tools; communication solutions such as online access to market places; and integration to internet and mobile banking.


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Alexander Aminoff

Alexander Aminoff

Sales & Marketing Director

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