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Let your customers identify themselves easily and securely using C°ID

More tasks must be performed on a mobile phone, security requirements are increasing and an increasing number of services require secure identification. So, don’t be surprised if your clients no longer log on as often.

But we have a solution.

With the Crosskeys C°ID service for secure identification, you can expect your customers to continue to log on – it’s just so simple. C°ID also works in all channels – app, web, Call Centre or in a shop.

C°ID is also equipped with an extremely strong security shell.

– When we integrate C°ID into an app, we protect the entire app, not just the identification module. C°ID captures all the important information about the user’s device, such as whether it is rooted, jail-broken or has been affected by an injected code, explains Fraenk Andersson, Business Development Manager.

The multi-factor authentication in C°ID means that it is easier than ever for the users to identify themselves – without a token or code table. The process is particularly simple if the customer’s mobile device supports biometric identification. C°ID is also independent of the operator and country.

– Another feature that we can see is becoming increasingly important, is the customer’s ability to administer multiple devices themselves. Customers can use C°ID to control, for example, their mobile phone and tablet. If one device is lost, it can be blocked using the other device, says Fraenk Andersson.


  • Channel-independent solution for recurring identification.
  • Multi-factor authentication for maximum security.
  • Appealing user experience.
  • Also protects the app against malicious software etc.
  • Fully integrated into the app’s brand.



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